The name “Yesterday’s Child” was chosen because of my thought that we are all a product of our past experiences… all of the love, laughs, tears, triumphs, happiness, togetherness, sadness and losses  we experience give us character and make us WHO WE ARE. You are not the same person you were yesterday. You are a child born and sculpted from the experiences of yesterday. Embrace it.

My hope for this site is to provide a safe place for you to come and learn about your grief, or the grief of someone you know. To have someone to relate to in your most desperate moments and to find hope and healing from within.



At the age of 29, I experienced life changing events that devastated me and shook me to my core.  It wasn’t until I experienced these desolating happenings, did I truly begin to live. I realized I needed to do what I could to help people find themselves again after experiencing loss. I consider myself a work in progress, and I am continually learning and growing. I found my unique experience of the grief process so interesting that I knew I needed to share it with others. I hope to relate to those suffering from loss and encourage hope and positive change in the lives of those in need.

As long as I live you will live. As long as I live you will be remembered. As long as I live you will be loved.


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As long as I live you will live. As long as I live you will be remembered. As long as I live you will be loved.

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